After the Rental Car

Car Rental in Japan: Everything You Need to Know | Tokyo Cheapo

Once you have the rental car in your possession, you can hit the open road and start enjoying your trip. But don’t forget that renting a car comes with additional responsibilities with


Make sure to check what type of fuel the rental car requires and to only use that type of fuel for the duration of your journey. If you’re unable to find the same type of fuel before returning the car, make sure that you fill up the tank when you return it so that you don’t get charged for fuel by the rental company.


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You’ll also need to make sure that you return your car clean so that someone else can enjoy it in its pristine condition when their own journey begins. Most likely, this means giving it a once over with a hose or, if possible, having it detailed before returning it.


Lastly, try and avoid any bumps or crashes while on your trip as any damage done to the vehicle will need to be reported right away and may end up costing you extra money upon returning it. This way, everyone can enjoy a safe journey in their rental car!

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