Black Lime Reserve Weed Near Me

This strain is as pure and bright as it gets. For hours on end, Black Lime will keep you in a blissful state of euphoria. There are certain strains that you must always have on hand for when the occasion arises. You should store a few buds sealed just for an event if they’re that good. You can buy best Black Lime Reserve using weed near me.

Black Lime, also known as Black Lime Special Reserve, is a strong contender in this category. It has an extremely intricate and surprisingly bright flavor, as well as an extraordinarily soothing and pleasant high.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Black Lime strain in order to be ready before you go to your local store.

What Is the Black Lime Strain?

The Black Lime strain was developed by Aficionado Seed Bank in 1997. These prolific producers have created several well-known strains, but perhaps none is as good as Black Lime.

Black Lime is a cross between three well-known strains: Northern Lights, ChemDawg, and Purple Kush. When it comes to breeding history, the strain has a little of a backstory.

The primary thing about Black Lime is that its high is notoriously consistent and long-lasting. Despite the fact that it contains a strong dose of THC, it avoids being overpowering or unpleasant for its consumers.

You will be overwhelmed by the feeling of pleasure and happiness as soon as you take your first puff of Black Lime. You will have an overwhelming sensation of joy and mirth.

The initial, mild high fades into a more generalized tingly feeling that permeates your entire body over time, with waves of intriguing pleasure and quiet.

However, despite their duration, these experiences have a faint feeling of ephemerality about them. While you will be under the influence of Black Lime for hours on end, you will feel as though hardly any time has passed at all. The most important lesson to be learned from it is a powerful sensation of euphoria and a lingering sensation of tingling on your skin.

This strain is ideal for having on hand for when you simply want to relax and unwind without any additional primary side effects of cannabis.


The first thing you’ll notice when you take a whiff of Black Lime is its strong citrusy tanginess.

The citrus is difficult to identify at first, but it soon develops the recognizable sweet cloying tang of lime juice. It has a peculiar aroma that resembles lime peel, the type you’d find in a delicate dessert.

In the early stages of its fragrance, you will detect a substantial quantity of black pepper, which has a pungent, almost acidic scent that surprises you.


When you crack open the bud and begin to light it up, you may anticipate an initial hit of lime juice and citrus peel. The first thing you’ll notice is a powerful burst of mintiness, instead.

It’s more like artificial gum mint than fresh mint leaves; it’s still quite invigorating and pleasurable. The lime from the scent, on the other hand, will become apparent as you begin to appreciate smoke. It has a similar tanginess to it; in reality, it is rather akin to a sweet cocktail.

The flavor of the Black Lime strain is reminiscent to that of an Old Fashioned, a classic cocktail.


The plant is small and white, with sparkling purple flowers that look like they were made of candy. The taste is somewhat minty green, as are the petals. There are plenty of pleasant white trichomes that contribute to its distinct flavor and fragrance. A decent number of orange and amber pistils give it a tangy scent, which are largely responsible for its zesty aroma.

It appears to be gently pulsating, which makes it seem like it’s shining in the light, as if it’s calling you to be appreciated.

Black Lime Strain Grow Info

If you can obtain some Black Lime strain seeds, growing the Black Lime strain is really easy. If it’s difficult for you to track down some seeds, look for a grower with an active Black Lime plant and ask them for a clipping.

You can expect a typical growing duration of eight to ten weeks to bloom in order from planting, according to the Weather Network.

This kind of pruning is necessary since it grows considerably tall and gangly, so it’s well worth the effort. Simply maintain the bottom leaves trimmed back if they are hidden by new growth from the top of the plant.

To promote greater bud development, clip off the top of the plant as it grows, as this will encourage a more lateral growth path. When it comes to harvesting, more growth to the side generally leads to higher bud yield, so you should make this a high priority.

Another thing to remember is that the Black Lime strain has a very distinct and powerful odor while it grows. If you want to cultivate this variety in secret, make sure you grow it somewhere inconspicuous if you’re outdoors, or install a ventilation system. You will quickly discover that the fragrance is overpowering if there isn’t sufficient ventilation indoors.

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Lime is known for its high THC concentration. The majority of Black Lime samples have a THC content of about 19% to 20%, which is considerably more than most strains. This is just enough THC to be overpowering for those who are not used to it, so keep an eye on your first-time buddy

CBD Content – Highest Test

The potency of THC in Black Lime is higher than all of the other strains mentioned previously, and it also contains a significant amount of CBD. While you can find as much as 1 percent CBD within your Black Lime buds, you won’t discover anything extra.

Even if you can’t obtain any CBD from the Black Lime strain, there are a number of advantages to smoking it.

Medical Benefits of the Black Lime Strain

It’s no surprise that the main medical advantages of a strain with a long-lasting, euphoric high are linked to mental health. This is the ideal strain for individuals who have difficulty dealing with common mood problems such as sadness, tension, and worry.

You can feel more powerful and confident when you are able to break free from your negative thoughts. Instead of feeling utterly miserable, you may feel liberated and capable of facing any challenges the world throws at you. The euphoria produced by this strain lasts so long that it makes you feel as though you can solve any issues weighing on your mind.

Another common usage of Black Lime is as a sleep aid. This isn’t because it makes you fall asleep or because it provides a deep slumber. However, after a few hours of its euphoric high, you will find yourself unable to concentrate on anything else.

Insomnia is a disease that prevents individuals from sleeping. Many persons who have difficulties falling asleep suffer because of negative or anxious thoughts, which keep them awake. Black Lime is ideal for these people since it helps to clean their minds and make it much simpler to fall asleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Lime Strain

The primary two negative effects of the Black Lime variety are similar to those produced by most marijuana strains: dry mouth and eyes. This uncomfortable combination will make you feel like you are thirstier and your eyes are paper thin.

To prevent this, drink plenty of water and keep a moist towel on hand to soothe your throbbing eyes.

Aside from that, the only thing you should bear in mind is that it has a high THC concentration, which means there’s a possibility for unpleasant feelings. If you take too much at once, these might manifest as minor headaches and dizziness.

To get the most out of Black Lime, you must limit yourself to the amount you require, ideally with the assistance of someone else. It isn’t nearly as hazardous or unpleasant as many other marijuana strains, but it has enough potential to make you feel dizzy and confused.

Final Thoughts on the Black Lime Strain

The Black Lime strain is a hybrid cannabis that has truly achieved celebrity. This strain is highly popular with all due to its incredibly long-lasting high that just won’t quit, as well as its great taste and smell.

Whether you prefer to judge marijuana strains only on their effects or if you want to try just the finest tasting buds, Black Lime is most likely what you’re searching for.

It’s a fantastic option for first-timers since it has a modest high and is therefore safe to use. It’s an excellent choice for first-timers if they follow the rules of cannabis usage. This strain’s indica characteristics provide a physical high without the same couch lock or unquenchable desire to sleep that other Indica strains have.

Keep this bud on hand for whenever you have friends over. Perhaps, though, it’s been a particularly difficult day and you need something to lift your spirits. While there are a lot of buds on the market that claim to assist you manage a bad day, Black Lime may be superior than all of them put together.

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