French Drains

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When it comes to drainage solutions, you may not have heard of the type of drainage called the French Drains. But let me tell you—it’s a pretty amazing thing.

Essentially, this type of drainage utilizes a trench filled with gravel or rock surrounding a perforated pipe that collects and conveys water away from an area to prevent flooding. It is used in areas where there is standing water or higher water tables, like near basement walls with

French Drains

How to Install a French Drain - The Home Depot

The French Drain works in a few main ways:

  1. The Perforated Pipe – The pipe has small holes in it which allow for the collection and transfer of water out of the area being drained.
  2. Gravel – The gravel acts as an effective filter and provides additional stability to the system by preventing soil erosion and slowing down the flow of water.
  3. Gradual Slope – The trench should be sloped gradually, so that gravity pulls the collected water down the length of your drain.

The result? Water is effectively removed from your property, reducing issues with flooding, erosion and damage to your building’s foundation—which makes French Drains an incredibly effective solution for efficient drainage conditions!

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