How your landscape helps you manage fear

How your landscape helps you manage fear

Are you looking for ways to help manage fear? Believe it or not, your landscape can have an impact. According to recent studies, the plants and features that make up a landscape have an influence on our mental health. They can help us deal with stress, anxiety, and even fear through visual cues that affect us subconsciously with

Nature helps us relax

Studies have demonstrated that people exposed to nature in a landscape setting tend to produce more serotonin, which is a “feel-good” chemical in our brains. Serotonin can improve mood and give us more emotional resilience when faced with stressful situations. Plus, it might even make it easier to confront our fears by reducing the physical symptoms of stress and anxiety.

How Your Landscape Helps You Manage Anxiety

Nature gives us things to focus on

Nature provides natural boundaries that we can focus on when we feel overwhelmed, like curves in walls or trees in a park setting. It’s easier to tackle fear with small tasks or goals, like comprehending a view or appreciating the beauty of a particular tree or flower — something that might be much harder if we weren’t surrounded by nature’s calming elements.

Natural elements shape the atmosphere around us

Lighting from the sun during the day and stars at night helps create comfort zones for relaxation at different times of day. The sound of birds twittering or water flowing from fountains also help calm us down and make it easier for us to confront our fears head-on. And if you add textures like rocks or sand under your feet, it further enhances the feeling of being surrounded by natural elements — if only temporarily — so you can feel more secure while dealing with your fear.

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