Imported Moroccan Hash Canada: Guide

Moroccan Hash is a kind of hash that’s well-known throughout the world. Moroccan Hash is one of the most well-known hash types, with variations in form and size. The flavor profile of Moroccan Hash has been adored by cannabis users for decades, and it’s probably the most famous type of hashish available.

There’s no better time than right now to find out why Moroccan Hash is superior to other types of hash when you’re sleeping on it.

Are you still unconvinced? Continue reading to learn why this fiery, fragrant hashish is regarded as the finest in the world!

What is Moroccan Hash?

Hashish, or hash, is a concentrated form of cannabis resulting from the collection of trichomes from the marijuana plant.

Trichomes are the resin-producing glands in cannabis plants. They yield marijuana resin with all of the same compounds and terpenes that distinguish it as a highly valued medicinal plant.

The glands are extracted and squeezed, resulting in a rubbery black substance, by physical agitation. We’ll get into hash in greater detail later on, but first, let’s go back in history to find out why Morocco is known as the Mecca of Hashish. Morocco is also well-known for producing excellent hash from which it earns a great deal of money worldwide.

Morocco is known for producing some of the finest hash in the world. The nation is located in north Africa, west of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.

Many years ago, in Morocco, Hash has been utilized.

When Arab troops invaded the Maghreb, they are said to have carried cannabis plants with them. Moroccan people, on the other hand, didn’t just smoke marijuana for fun; they also used it to make clothes and rope.

Cannabis was cultivated on a modest scale locally at the time, and the northern Rif region of Morocco became an important center of production. This area was granted special production rights for various Rif tribes in the late 1800s as a result of their specialist specialization and talents.

The origins of Moroccan Hash are unclear, although it was first mentioned in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Locals smoked hash with Black Tobacco in a “Sebsi Pipe,” combined it into meals, or used it in Sufi rituals.

Despite its long history as a religious and social center, when King Mohammed V of Morocco was enthroned in 1950, he banned cannabis plant cultivation.

However, this was only a stopgap solution. Moroccan Hash had already travelled throughout adjacent regions and countries owing to its history of people in the Rif region using and producing it. Moroccan Hash didn’t stay local for long; as more attention followed, it rapidly spread worldwide.

The nation became known for its hash, with a large number of Western tourists coming to sample it. With hash still made by hand, demand continued to grow because there was nowhere to put it. In order to keep up with demand while also maintaining quality and supply, these hash protectors came up with ingenious production methods and infrastructure in order to satisfy the ever-growing need.

Because of industrial processes that have replaced handcrafted ones, Morocco has established itself as the region to go to for high-quality hash.

How is Moroccan Hash Made?

The Moroccan hash differs from other forms of hash in a number of ways.

Moroccan farmers dry their cannabis for a longer period than anybody else in the globe, starting with harvest until they’re ready to smoke.

Freezer burn refers to an ice crystal buildup on the surface of fruits and vegetables, turning them brown and unpleasant.

Kief, which has been dried for a long time, is comparable to aging a high-quality wine. These buds are not intended to be smoked in contrast to the dried flowers many people consume. As a consequence, the dehydrated plants differ significantly from what we would anticipate from products with similar names.

Leaves are put in a bowl and covered with a panty-hose filter. A second layer of cloth is draped over the bowl.

The symbols on the monument reveal the identities of the deceased. It is derived from it, a term for individuals who moved between two villages or were itinerant merchants. To make it stand upright and expose new dirt on both sides, you may smooth the bottom half of the bowl with a flat rock.

Yup, that’s right!

When the mixture has been beaten thoroughly, the bowl is uncovered.

On the surface, you’ll see a powdered cannabis product. It’s comparable to kief or dry sift at this time. The majority of the powder is composed of glandular trichomes, as previously said. As a result, the powder is incredibly potent and thick with THC crystals.

Moroccan Hash is made by hand and takes a lot of physical effort. In producing Moroccan Hash, a significant amount of plant material is required. It takes approximately a kilogram of marijuana to make 10 grams of hashish.

There are several modern techniques for generating Moroccan hash variants. Ice water hash, often known as bubble hash, is the finest example. Ice water hash is made in the same way as typical Moroccan hash, with one significant variant.

Instead of a bowl, several baskets with ice water are used.

At the bottom of each basket, there is a finer mesh layer that gets thicker as you move up.

The bucket is shaken in order to produce the same physical jolting as north African sticks. The trichomes fall to the bottom after going through the filter. This procedure produces a beautiful bubble hash in several stages!

Make certain that the flower utilized in genuine Morrocan bubble hash goes through the same aging process as Moroccan common hash. It’s nothing more than ordinary hash if it doesn’t!

 What Makes it Special?

Moroccan Hash is a difficult food to prepare. For many families, it has been generations since they last put something on the table. The final product is quite delicious. Moroccan Hash has an appealing look, flavor, and potency among consumers.

The aged bricks have a distinct flavor to them, similar to that of wine or cheese that has been aging. Hashish smoking produces a unique flavor, but not everyone enjoys it. Many individuals prefer to mix hashish with a simple dried flower to create a more balanced taste profile.

Finally, hashish’s potency has always been among the world’s highest. With the introduction of contemporary concentrate varieties such as shatter, wax, crumble, and isolate, things have modified.

How to Smoke Moroccan Hash

It’s simple to learn how to smoke hash, but there are a lot of applications. The three most frequent approaches to activate THC include dabbing, smoking, and vaping.


Humans have been smoking hashish since time immemorial. However, you are free to smoke it however you choose. Hash can be burned in pipes and bongs alone. It’s also conceivable to combine it with dried flower in the same bowls or joints.

Hash burns at a slower rate than dry flower. Despite this, you enjoy smoking hash. It burns cleanly and leaves a flavor rich enough to bring you very high!


Hashish may be vaped in a variety of ways to produce both useful and pleasurable results. Hashish can be smoked alone or blended with buds on the go or at home, either as a single herb or a combination. Hashish may be used in dry herb vaporizers that are desktop and portable, which makes them extremely convenient.

The majority of consumers use this approach to consume hashish. Cannabis smoking produces an excellent flavor without the need for combustion.


The newest method to get high is known as dabbing. While concentrates like shatter and wax are commonly linked with dabbing, you may also smoke hashish.

To prevent hash from melting or burning, use a low temperature while dabbing it. Take careful not to use a heating device that is significantly hotter than the one you would normally employ to dab other marijuana concentrates since this might result in being burned.

The Best Hash Available? 

You’ve come this far, reading about Moroccan Hash. You now have all of the information you’ll need to impress your friends while using hashish. Moroccan Hash is a must-try for anybody interested in marijuana.

Hashish is quite popular in Europe, but it has never achieved the same degree of popularity in North America. Perhaps one day soon, people will rediscover this beautiful cannabis concentrate once again. “

Start out by smoking hashish as usual. Hashish is not as potent as other cannabis extracts, but it has double the THC potency of dried cannabis flower and is quite tasty and fragrant!

How to Smoke Moroccan Hash

It’s not difficult to make hash, but it is versatile. Dabbing, smoking, and vaping are the three most common ways to activate THC.


The original method of consuming hashish is smoking it. However, you may smoke it however you choose. Hash can be smoked alone in pipes and bongs. It’s also possible to stuff it into the same bowls or joints with dried flower.

Keep in mind that hashish burns more slowly than dry flower. However, you prefer to smoke marijuana. It burns smoothly and provides a rich taste, making it ideal for smoking!


Vaping is an excellent method to use hashish on its own or in combination with cannabis buds. Hashish may be vaporized using tabletop and portable dry herb vaporizers just as easily.

Many people prefer this method of consuming hashish because it allows them to get the most out of it. Vaping hashish without combustion results in a very pleasant taste.


Dabbing is the newest form of cannabis consumption, which includes dabbing. While dabbing is most often associated with concentrates like shatter and wax, you may also dab hashish.

To fire up a dab rig, tokers need to heat cannabis buds at a very low temperature in order to avoid melting or combusting the hashish. Set the temperature considerably lower than you would for other marijuana concentrates when using a dab rig!

Why is Moroccan Hash so Popular?

For those of you who haven’t heard of it or haven’t tried it, you might be asking: what is all the fuss about Moroccan hash? In fact, Moroccan hash has stood the test of time as Europe’s most common source of hash since long. This implies that individuals have chosen this style of hash for its flavor and strength. Finally, as everyone knows, it’s ultimately the people who determine the cannabis market, not the government.

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