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Before you choose Lévis weed store, you need to know the laws and regulations. Thanks to progressive cannabis legalization, weed is now legal for sale, use, and possession for individuals 18 years and older in Canada. In Quebec, the sale and distribution of marijuana is regulated by the Société québécoise du Cannabis (SQDC).

What Are the Laws and Regulations Regarding weed store in Lévis?

There are certain state rules that determine who can own and operate Lévis weed store. If a store plans to offer delivery services as well, the owner must have a license from Lévis. This license allows them to legally provide cannabis products through delivery services.

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In Quebec, adults aged 18 or over can purchase up to 30 grams (or its equivalent) of dried cannabis (or cannabis products) at once from SQDC licensed stores or online. These stores are also limited to selling only Cannabis 2.0 products – pre-rolled joints, capsules and oils – as per provincial regulations.

So even if it’s legal in your province or city to purchase through delivery services, each order should not exceed 30 grams for personal use under provincial laws.

To get the best service possible from your Lévis weed store and ensure you follow all local regulations governing marijuana purchases and consumption, make sure you do your homework and research before ordering!

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