Montreal cannabis store

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Now that you know how to get Montreal cannabis store, it’s time to find a store and make your order. First off, it’s important to check that the store is licensed and reputable. Check out reviews online and get the scoop on any potential red flags or rules that might come with ordering through a specific store. Once you feel confident in your decision, here’s what you’ll need to do.

How to Order Cannabis From cannabis store in Montreal

Most cannabis stores require an initial sign up, so you can create an account and input your contact info. This allows them to know who they are doing business with, so they can review orders, check stock availability and confirm delivery addresses.

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Now it’s time to start shopping in Montreal cannabis store! You can browse through products online, perusing flower, edibles, vapes and more. Once you select all of the items on your wishlist, you can proceed to checkout where you will need to input payment details. Keep in mind that there may be limits on total quantities for certain kinds of products.

After placing your order online in Montreal cannabis store, look out for an email confirmation from the cannabis store within minutes as well as text message updates as your order is being processed by their team. The store should also let you know when they expect it will be ready for pick-up or delivery within 2-3 days in most cases.

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