Saguenay cannabis store

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As a cannabis consumer, it is difficult to choose the right product in the Saguenay cannabis store. Fortunately, there are some products that can help you make the decision.

You can check quality in cannabis store in Saguenay by looking at the following parameters:

– The weight of the product, which must be 10 grams or more.

– The recommended price per gram.

– The appearance of the product.

– The smell of the product.

– Where it comes from and how it was grown.

– If the product is organic or not.

The quality of Cannabis stores in Saguenay

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The quality of Saguenay cannabis store are sometimes hard to tell from the outside. But if you’re looking for a shop with great quality, this guide is worth reading.

What should you look out for when choosing your Cannabis store?

-Tight security system

-Trained staff

-Safe environment

-Variety of strains and products

Cannabis stores in Saguenay must be inspected by Health Canada before they can sell the product. They also charge a fee of $1,200 to get their license.

The following questions should be asked during a store inspection:

-What is the origin of the cannabis?

-What are the cannabinoids and THC levels?

-Is there any mold or insect infestation?

-Is there any rat or cockroach infestation?

-What are your “novelty” products and are they on display for sale?

-Do you have a Point of Sale system that records customers’ ages, quantities and prices of cannabis sold in grams or ounces?

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